C u s t o m  P a i n t e d  L u r e s  &  H a n d c r a f t e d  S p o o n s

When using my fly rod I may strip once or twice, and then lift my rod to swim the bait, let it fall, then strip another couple of times picking up the slack. Its fishing and we all have our own ways of doing it. So, is there any one way better than the other? I don't know, but fish the spoon in a way that makes you feel confident and experiment different techniques to see what works best for you.

$5.25 each

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Each Fishrelish Spoon Fly is precision cut for consistent production then hand tied with a saltwater grade hook for any fishing environment. These spoons produce a iridescent shimmer when rotated in the light or wobbling back and forth in the water. To help prolong the finish when scratches or small teeth marks are present, just put a couple layers of Hard as Nails clear finger nail polish on both sides which will help make the spoon look new again.To help reference size the spoon is sitting on a dime in the photo below. I try to represent each spoon fly the best I can in these pictures, if you have any questions please contact me.Shipping is a flat rate of $2.75 for all orders. After order is placed please allow 1-2 days for processing. All lures are placed in a PVC housing to resist damage during shipping. Wholesale pricing now available. Contact me for details.

 Bulk Pricing. Any color combination, Specify upon check out. 

5 spoons   - $23.62 -

10 spoons - $44.62 -

15 spoons - $65.25 -

F i s h r e l i s h    S p o     n    F l y

 Spoon on a dime to help reference size