There is a short video clip of one in action wobbling through the water and when you pause to let it sink, the fly will continue to wobble all the way to the bottom. These spoons will not spin upon retrieval causing your tippet to twist when using a loop knot.

Now that I'm a father, I always take my kids fishing to create those same special memories.

Some years ago my good friend Nick introduced me to flats fishing on his poling skiff for redfish, trout and whatever else was biting. He tied all of his own flies and gave some to me. Since then I started making my own spoon flies. Making spoon flies is purely a hobby for me which I really enjoy and hope to share them with you and your next fishing trip. 

About me: 

I'm an avid fisherman who likes to take advantage of the great outdoors every chance I get. My dad handed me my first fly rod as a kid, taught me how to use it, and I've been hooked ever since. No telling how many perch and bass were caught using that little fly rod.

Fishrelish Spoon Fly's

$5.00 each

$25  Gift Cards now available

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